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The Best Way to Pick a Niche For Beginner Affiliate Marketers

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How to Pick You Niche as a Beginner Affiliate Marketer

One of the biggest reasons why you’re not attracting your ideal customer is because you are trying to please everyone. I know it’s a bold statement but, unfortunately is true to many online marketers.

Today, we’re going to talk about how you can create, and pick a niche market for your business so that you can bring in your ideal customer and convert more sales.

What is a niche market?
Most beginner affiliates hear the term niche market and they get overwhelmed and confused and end up kind of just reverting, not thinking it through narrowing down their audience. In turn, you’re not marketing to your ideal customer and therefore likely getting less customers. Let’s define what what a niche market is and why you need it.

A niche market is simply just a segment of a larger market that you’ve defined through its unique needs, preferences or identities, which means simply your just picking out part of the population that has specific desires, problems and needs solutions.

Why is it Important you pick a niche market?
You may have heard you don’t need to niche down, for a beginner it’s really, important that you actually do find a niche market so that you’re not all over the place. It allows you to speak to a specific pain point or problem that is for your specific ideal customer, which then helps you to market more efficiently to create more leads and better sales.

And it also allows you to understand your customers needs and sell deep. Meaning, when you bring in a customer they’re not just going to have one problem. They’re going to have multiple problems and because you understand your niche and you’re able to sell multiple offers to them depending on what it is they need in that particular category.

Picking your Niche Market
So now you’re ready to think about picking an actual niche market. There are actually four categories that are the best for most beginners to start in.

The first is the wealth niche, which is making money online money online, social media could be anything e-commerce business, etc

You have your health niche, which is really popular. You can choose from categories such as nutrition, fitness, or weight loss.

The relationship niche. Think of it like marriage, parenting, and divorce.

Lastly lifestyle, pets and hobbies niche. This allows for a much broader selection like dogs, hiking, camping, quilting, you name it

In general people are always looking to make more money, to improve their health, to have better relationships and they love to spend their money on things that they love to do.

It best when starting out to consider these four niche market.

Drilling down your Niche Market to your Ideal Customer
It’s time to get into the nitty gritty of how you pick your niche market. Here’s a quick exercise for your to start to get some clarity.

Take out a piece of paper and I want you to write down the answers to the questions below. This exercise will help you define who your niche market is.

1.Think about something that you actually know a lot about or could be considered an expert in?

What’s something that people ask you a lot for your advice. Maybe it’s something that you’re really good at, or you’ve done a long time. What’s something that you already have people coming to you and seeking out that information.

2.What do you actually enjoy doing? What is a hobby of yours? What do you Love?Maybe you love to hike or bike or camp or quilt. What’s something that if you’re super passionate about and that you love to talk about and help other people learn more about.

3.If you were asked to speak on stage for an hour, what topic would you choose?

What do you feel confident in talking to people about and would be an easy topic for you to discuss with an audience.

4. What is something you would like to learn more about?

I love this question, because I think a lot of people don’t consider it when they’re actually looking at picking a niche, especially as a beginner, what’s something that you’d actually like to learn. One of the best ways to market to people is to teach them. And one of the best ways to learn is to find something new, to learn about. Maybe it’s a hobby or a part of your business that you’d like to dig in deeper to you can then affiliate any of the items that you’re learning about to your audience.

5.What is a problem that you personally have overcome?

This is probably my favorite way to pick a niche market, because it really identifies with who you are. You’ve probably heard the term, you can turn your mess into your message.

I was in the weight loss industry for about seven and a half years. The reason I was in that industry is because I had really bad health and I found a system that helped me to lose 45 pounds. And because I was on the journey and I was learning about health and I was changing my lifestyle, I was able to take that mess and make it my message..

And my message was to help people learn, to get healthier in a very uncomplicated way. So I was able to turn what I was doing in my own life into a business and create income on the back end. ‘I feel like when people take what they’ve gone through themselves, you can speak to your customer when you’re lead on a visceral level. What they’re thinking in their head. So when you’re writing your copy or you’re putting your marketing out there, you know exactly what they would want to hear. This is a very powerful way for you to pick your niche market. Okay. So now that you’ve picked a sub niche, you know who you’re speaking to you, you’re probably thinking, well, what do I say to them?

Creating a Sub Niche
Now that you have a general idea of who you are talking about, it is time to get more specific. We need to DRILL this down. It may seem counter intuitive to narrow it down but the more you understand you market in the beginning the easier it will be for you to build content.

As you get more following and a bigger reach of audience you an expand into more niches and broader markets.

This is pretty simple. I am going to give you 2 different examples of how to get into a sub categories

Women who want to lose weight
Women over 40 who want to lose weight
Women over 40 with diabetes who want to lose weight
Women over 40 with diabetes who want to lose weight with Keto

Another great example is Travel..

Travel for families
Travel for families on a budget
Travel for families on a budget with special needs

This is how you get specific for your market and can start to address their needs, desires and problems.

Time to Create your Content
You will need to create content that speaks to your target niche market. A really simple exercise I suggest for a lot of beginners is to just take out a piece of paper on the left side of the paper lists 20 pain points and problems that your target market faces. On the right side of the paper list the solutions to all of those problems> You now have 20 pieces of content to work with.

This will speak to your target market and that’s the goal. To understand their pain points. Unfortunately alot of people just put a lot of stuff out there and hope something will stick to run with. Don’t be that marketer! You really want to think about how you can solve the problems of your niche market. This is going to attract them to take a look at your offer.

Bonus Tips : Do Research
If you’re not quite sure about what their problems are you need to do a some behind the scenes research. Here’s a couple of ways to get you started…

Go into Facebook groups in your niche. You can just say, Hey, can I ask a question? I’m doing some market research. I’d love to know what are some issues that you’re having with_____. Or What are some problems that you have with ____?”

You can ask in polls and feedback from people that are already your existing followers, on what topics they want to see.

Websites, like You can put in a topic or term and it spits back out to you what people are actually searching for around that topic on the internet. You can then download that list and you have multiple topics to start with.

When you’re picking a niche and when you’re deciding to sub-niche and when you’re trying to figure out content, don’t over think it, you know? Messy action is always better than not doing anything. Just sit down, do these exercises, start with something.

You can always shift directions. You can always pivot your sales. If it’s not something that’s working, it’s not like you can’t say, “You know what? Gosh, I’m really not loving this. I’m going to move to a different niche.”

You can even build on the niches that you’re in with your existing lead groups.

In summary, make sure take the time to curate your niche market, define the problems you want to speak to, find matching affiliate partners, and most of all have fun while you’re doing it!


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